..and more rain

 Copperopolis, California,  
We have had a very dry Autumn here in California, complete with a deadly fire wiping out a nearby town.  Now the rains are coming. It poured so hard today that our tiny creek flooded and nearly took our chickens

That's a bit close for comfort. Our donkey shed was completely demolished by stupidly high winds a couple of weeks ago. Won't get repaired until after we've finished harvesting though. Looks like they're going to get a new house for Christmas.
That looks quite close! Hope you and your chicken are ok!
Fortunately, I have recently switched to a movable chicken-tractor style coop (you might notice the handles sticking out at either end of the coop).  Two people can move the chicken-coop to various places on the property.

But the flooding happened in just a few hours...it was lucky that the coop was not a little further down
It is raining..

 Copperopolis, California,  
finally, the rains are coming. This autumn was quite dry. We were outside this morning playing in the water.

OMG you need to get to home depot and pick up some Finnish migrant rakers.

Are those ears on the hood? Cute.
Fires and an unexpected shift

 Copperopolis, California,  
Many of you have probably heard about the many fires we have been having in California.  Apparently, our power company (Pacific Electric and Gas) has been at fault for the majority of the fires, and may have to file for bankruptcy.
This has the potential to cause all of our monthly power fees to sky-rocket, since PGE will have to pass their losses on to the consumer.

It sounds like this is a good time to switch to Solar Power...or to be in the Solar Power Business.!
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They should have faced murder charges and been forced to dissolve after the San Bruno explosions. Now they have more bodies.

I agree that it is a good time to move away from PG&E. A town like Copperopolis could supply its own electricity. Healdsburg is that way, they do not use PG&E.
That's fine, i still think the people running the co should face charges
Thought Police?

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Is it just me, or does this case seem to set a dangerous precedent?


As far as I can make out, the couple has not done any harm (so far) other than spreading their gospel of white-supremecy.
it's been years - i'd have to look it up, but i recall the author of the anarchist cookbook was pissed about the types of people it attracted, and according to him it was totally misinterpreted.
oh, it was different i suppose,
"After writing the book as a teenager, Powell converted to Anglicanism in 1976, and later attempted to have the book removed from circulation..."
I think the wife has a copy of Anarchist Cookbook, but she probably thought it was an actual cook book with food recipes. I used to have "TM 31-210 Improvised Munitions" but somebody apparently nicked it. This was a publication of the US Printing Office, who used to provide a range of US government publications and documents for free to anybody who asked. I used to send for free books and catalogs all the time back in the 60s and they were one of the best sources of free knowledge. We didn't have an internet and the libraries were full of 80 year old books and this is how you learned about the world around you.
Rock-walled dog house

 Copperopolis, California,  
We recently created a fenced section of our property to keep the dogs in when we are not around. I wanted a dry place for them that stays cool in the summer (it can get up to 44 degrees here)

I started working on a kennel with rock-walls for thermal-mass. It is sort of an experiment.
I am curious how you other hot-climate people keep your dogs cool during summer.


I even did a tiled floor to add to the cooling

Our house is on a platform so the dogs go under there (and squabble with the chickens about the best places). We obviously don't have aircon, but do have a 50W tower fan that they like to lie in front of.
 Copperopolis, California,  
has anyone seen @Andrew Manning around?   ..or am I just disconnected?
looks like his server is down
the last post is 12 hs ago

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I just switched from Gnome to KDE Plasma. I have to say I am enjoying it so far.  It took me a while to firgure out how to tweak things but I have it just how I like it.

Gnome was starting to feel a tad on the unintuitive side.

I just left unity a few weeks ago and switched to Gnome 3 which feels quite good so far. Years ago I was using KDE and left it as it felt overengineered and too complex to be stable.
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Years ago I was using KDE and left it as it felt overengineered and too complex to be stable.

That was exactly my experience. i remember it being a bit over-complicated, which was fun but after a while I did not have the time to play around with it.

I just found a screenshot of my old KDE desktop from 2006:
and Elementary OS from 2011:
Exortion Email

 Copperopolis, California,  
I receieved a funny email today. In the email, there was a threat that I was recorded with my own webcam while watching porn videos.
They also said they hacked my computer and have all of my facebook contacts and they would post the video to all of my Facebook friends if I did not pay them $3000 in bitcoin.

My wife got this email recently, with her Apple ID password.
yikes. i actually got one that said my password is () ... but i always use (.) or (v) or (|)
yikes. i actually got one that said my password is () ... but i always use (.) or (v) or (|)

Yes , thats the weird part! I always use ( ) ... with a blankspace. o_O
Camping Photos

 Copperopolis, California,  
Just went on a camping trip North of Yosemite National Park. There is a large fire burning in Yosemite and you can see the clouds on the horizon that is the smoke


Some more camping photos:

the dog and the fire

@Mike Macgirvin    I know that area well, and have done much camping/hiking around there. I worked at a lodge called Evergreen Lodge for two summers and had plenty of exploring time.

I quickly learned when off-season times were so we could enjoy spots without crowds.
@Waitman Gobble     I take bears seriously when camping very close to Yosemite.   When far enough away from the main park, they are shy and  mostly leave us alone.  I did have to yell at a young one one time when I was cooking breakfast and it came charging in like a...well, like a hungry bear.
Evergreen Lodge

My uncle played jazz there on weekends back in the early 50s. But yeah, Hetch-Hetchy is in a different universe from Yosemite, even though there's only a ridge physically separating them. Probably a bit more crowded now, but back in the 80s you could still pull off the side of the road most anywhere and pitch a tent - even on Memorial Day weekend.
Safest place in the world’ to be online

 Copperopolis, California,  
Funniest article I have read all week.

UK government plans new legislation to tame internet's 'wild west'


New laws will make Britain ‘safest place in the world’ to be online, culture secretary says
its odd they don't already have laws against exploiting children there. who are "the wider children". the fatter ones?
for sure i'm against all the nasty things mentioned but i've raised kids with the internet in existence. its a parents job to keep them safe. this article sounds like bullshit politicians exploiting fear
My favorite article (funny and interesting) this week is this one :

How our beds are dirtier than chimpanzee nests (2018, theguardian)

A new study has revealed that a third of the bacteria in our beds is from our own bodies and may be causing health problems – while chimps’ nests are almost spotless
sounds like bullshit politicians exploiting fear

If there are politicians involved, I think we can safely say that is the case.

 Copperopolis, California,  
In 2012 I built a playhouse out of cob (basically mud and straw) and old scrap-wood. My son played in it for a few years, but for the last year it has only been used by dogs, cats and chickens as a place to get out of the rain.

This past week my daughter found her way to it, so I did some cleaning and painting. She loves it!


Snails and grass. Yum. That would go perfectly with the imaginary blue tea my daughter used to serve in her cubby.
Oh, the cuteness
Funny Competition

 Copperopolis, California,  
These people want to replace Facebook...


We are looking to fund seven purpose-driven teams that want to build a billion-user social network to replace Facebook -- while protecting consumer privacy. We want to invest in replacements that don’t manipulate people and that protect our democracy from bad actors looking to spread misinformation. Join the mailing list to receive regular update...
yeah but if they build something centralised and walled-garden-ish and it gets anything like the number of users facebook has its likely that it would end up having a lot of the same problems.

decentralised and federated is better, it lets people choose

users can more freely move between providers

that would help to  "keep the bastards honest"
(a famous aussie political phrase that was used in an election campaign decades ago - though in this case its not about politicians or political parties)  
Oh brother, now he's resorting to props...
Present and future..
Adam Robertson updated his profile photo

Somthing to disturb your day

 Copperopolis, California,  
Don't even bother asking how I ran across this video. I am still trying to figure out why it even exists.

"Guardians' Inferno" | Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
deMarvel EntertainmentaYouTube
I have heard (from a Japaese) that D. Hasselhoff is very popular in Japan for his music.
He was very popular for his music in Europe in the Nineties :rolling_eyes:
#nsfp (Not suitable for people.)
Adam Robertson updated his profile photo

Yes. From back in my wild western days.
I think you used that photo back in the redmatrix era and I probably asked the same question before.
Yes, I think you are right. It was at least a couple of years ago since I still had Dreadlocks.
Adam Robertson updated his profile photo

Got contacts in or miraculous eyesight recovery?
just taking photos without glasses for a change.
Every time you change your profile photo it's like a whole persona change, superficially speaking. You've gone from dreadlocked hippie to tech-savvy dad to a special forces operative. Keep us guessing, man.
Food Channel

 Copperopolis, California,  
Do we have a Food Channel?  I just now created one because i could not find one in the directory, but I vaguely remember someone having one...

@Charles Roth MPC
@The Food Network+
We need a not suitable for hungry people filter.
We need a not suitable for hungry people filter.

I suggest #nsfh :laughing:
Do you like sandwiches?

 Copperopolis, California,  últim editat: Fri, 13 Apr 2018 11:14:34 -0700  
I enjoy sandwiches quite a bit.
Last night I was trying to make baguettes, but they came out slightly flat-ish ( I think I let them rise too long); however, I realized that they were the perfect shape for making sandwiches.

I tried it out with fried aubergine and roasted red-pepper sandwich. It was quite good, especially with the bread slightly toasted.

Now if I can figure out how to make this sort of bread again.

@The Food Network+
This looks delicious 😍
It was quite good!
Wow yummy
Nice Updates in Hubzilla

 Copperopolis, California,  
I am enjoying the updated  "New Network Activity". It seems more intuitive, and less clicks. Great work!
@Hubzilla Support Forum+