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Somthing to disturb your day

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Don't even bother asking how I ran across this video. I am still trying to figure out why it even exists.

"Guardians' Inferno" | Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
deMarvel EntertainmentaYouTube
I have heard (from a Japaese) that D. Hasselhoff is very popular in Japan for his music.
He was very popular for his music in Europe in the Nineties :rolling_eyes:
#nsfp (Not suitable for people.)
Adam Robertson updated his profile photo

Yes. From back in my wild western days.
I think you used that photo back in the redmatrix era and I probably asked the same question before.
Yes, I think you are right. It was at least a couple of years ago since I still had Dreadlocks.
Adam Robertson updated his profile photo

Got contacts in or miraculous eyesight recovery?
just taking photos without glasses for a change.
Every time you change your profile photo it's like a whole persona change, superficially speaking. You've gone from dreadlocked hippie to tech-savvy dad to a special forces operative. Keep us guessing, man.
Food Channel

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Do we have a Food Channel?  I just now created one because i could not find one in the directory, but I vaguely remember someone having one...

@Charles Roth MPC
@The Food Network+
We need a not suitable for hungry people filter.
We need a not suitable for hungry people filter.

I suggest #nsfh :laughing:
Do you like sandwiches?

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I enjoy sandwiches quite a bit.
Last night I was trying to make baguettes, but they came out slightly flat-ish ( I think I let them rise too long); however, I realized that they were the perfect shape for making sandwiches.

I tried it out with fried aubergine and roasted red-pepper sandwich. It was quite good, especially with the bread slightly toasted.

Now if I can figure out how to make this sort of bread again.

@The Food Network+
This looks delicious 😍
It was quite good!
Wow yummy
Nice Updates in Hubzilla

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I am enjoying the updated  "New Network Activity". It seems more intuitive, and less clicks. Great work!
@Hubzilla Support Forum+
Sean Tilley: Semi-Celebrity

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Hey, @Sean Tilley    I randomly ran across someone mentioning one of your articles (I follow Richard Gaskin for working in Livecode it was pure randomness to see your article mentioned )

#Fediverse? Oh yes. Good intro to new protocols and systems enabling next-gen...


#Fediverse? Oh yes. Good intro to new protocols and systems enabling next-gen #SocialMedia - Richard Gaskin - Google+
More People trying to do things that hubzilla already has functional and working

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Meet the open sorcerers who have vowed to make Facebook history


Checking in on how IMAP could help folk throw off Zuck's yoke
A few folks tried this in 2010 and didn't get anywhere. I was very interested at the time because I already had 15+ years as an IMAP developer and had both servers and clients under my belt. The problem is web resources, the same reason why we have an advantage over Diaspora. We can provide access control to your videos and webpages. Other services only secure your conversations. They can also protect attachments theoretically, but when you start sharing videos with a few hundred friends this doesn't scale. Mesaging has its strengths, and the web has its strengths. It doesn't make a lot of sense to serve web resources over IMAP. And the only reason people want to do this is to control privacy. Why not just add privacy to the web?

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WhatsApp co-founder joins call to #DeleteFacebook as fallout intensifies


Brian Acton adds his voice to Cambridge Analytica backlash, as US agency said to be investigating social network’s mishandling of data
I saw this today in italian, in a  italian site.
It sounds like some people are deleting their Facebook accounts.
I feel so ahead of the curve now, :-)
GMO Crops

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This morning I read an article about the benefits of GMO crops. Reading through the comments section, I see that anyone who does not like the idea of GMO crops is ridiculed. There are also several disparaging comments about Europe banning GMO crops.

I think that perhaps this article is a fluff piece to try and boost the image of Monsanto and Bayer. Particularly at a time when the two are going through a merger (which would then have that company controlling 1/3 or more of the worlds seed production).

How do my European connections feel about GMO, Monsanto and Bayer?

Planting GMOs kills so many bugs that it helps non-GMO crops


Bt corn protects neighboring peppers and green beans, cuts pesticide use.
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You may be something similar to what we see when somebody publishes an article on coal mining or nuclear power. The GMO (and closely related big pharma) industries have the same behaviour; in which ginormous sums are paid to keep all public conversations "balanced"; i.e. favourable to industry.

I call them corporate attack dogs. A writer (even a professional writer) doesn't stand a chance against skilled debaters who have been practising for years and have well-researched emotion-laden counterpoints to every point you can muster and backed by hard statistics. Never mind that the statistics and studies were also bought in most cases.

You'll see the same thing occurring in conversations about gun control and anti-fascism; even though the fingers pulling the strings are better hidden in these cases.

Basically you can't really have a reasonable public debate about these topics. You need to pursue your agenda quietly if you aren't on the same side as the corporate attack dogs. They're mean and they bite.
Bt corn, cotton, and soybeans have been engineered to express insect-killing proteins from the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis, and they have indeed been successful at controlling the crops' respective pests. They even protect the non-Bt versions of the same crop that must be planted in adjacent fields to help limit the evolution of Bt resistance.

But new work shows that Bt corn also controls pests in other types of crops planted nearby, specifically vegetables. In doing so, it cuts down on the use of pesticides on these crops, as well.

Until Bt resistance evolves, which seems to be a foregone conclusion based on the requirement to plant non-Bt variants nearby precisely to slow this evolutionary trend.

At that point, the bugs will be unstoppable.
I find most arguments to be totally void of nuance. "GMO" is used as a monolithic thing, either all good or all bad. And then there are indirect effects -- like having Round-Up ready crops so you can pour a metric fuck-ton of pesticide on the crops. In that case, I'm more worried about the pesticide than the genetic modification. Is being Round-Up Ready somehow supposed to be equivalent to golden rice? Based on most "arguments" I see, you've got to love or hate both.
Great Dance Video

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I know..its for an invasive device, but the moves and music are great!

HomePod — Welcome Home by Spike Jonze — Apple
So HomePod releases some kind of hallucinogenic gas that gives you shroom-like experiences?

You have apparently failed to grasp that this is Spike Jonze's brutal parody of Apple and everything they represent.  That's OK, you're not alone - even Apple seems to have missed that he's symbolically sticking a knife in their heart.
Jonze’s visual jests resemble drug-culture hallucinations that imply the deceptive fulfillment of materialism. And who among us can honestly say he has never felt that?

Wow. I felt like I was hallucinating even worse reading that article. Does someone pay people to write that kind of stuff?
Well that's a professional film critic for you. I'll just tell you my first reaction when I watched the video. It wasn't about drugs. My first thoughts were 'Reality Distortion Field' and then I noticed 'Spike Jonze' and cracked up laughing. He took Apple and parodied their ethos and sold it back to them; and now they're publicly using a deeply cutting satire of themselves as an advertisement.

Bloody brilliant.
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I gave Hubzilla a little plug in the comments section of a Homesteading Blog I follow when the author wrote about his fears of what Facebook is becoming (or has been all along).

My comment was not unnoticed and was mentioned in the next blog post:
Reader Feedback About Facebook

It is not much, and his mention was a short blurb, but at least the idea of it is getting out there.

Root Simple readers had many thoughtful reactions to my exasperated and cranky blog post about Facebook. I also posted in Facebook to explain my frustrations with the medium and received a similar set of comments.
Every little bit helps.
ILT About Reddit

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I feel out of touch and stupid because I only just now learned what Reddit is.

Joke of the day

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My son made up (what I thought was) a funny joke:

what do you get when you cross a squashed beaver with a squashed duck?

A Flatypus.
Altered Carbon

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@TV series point+

I have started watching Altered Carbon. I read the book (or maybe it was the audio book).  I think it was a lot of macho sex and violence. So far the TV Show seems to be following suit.
Having said that...   The futuristic ideas it presents are pretty interesting and I have a weakness for all things scifi.
Altered Carbon (TV Series 2018– )


With Joel Kinnaman, Martha Higareda, Antonio Marziale, Chris Conner. Set in a future where consciousness is digitized and stored, a prisoner returns to life in a new body and must solve a mind-bending murder to win his freedom.
Acquired, not watched.
I'm sure I'll waste a bunch of time on this too, since I am also a sucker for sci-fi, and this show combines ideas I find interesting with a lead actor I have enjoyed in everything I've seen him in. And this comes immediately after I finally finished wasting untold hours on Colony, which isn't even that good of a show but I had to finish the season to see what happened. Spoiler alert:
A startup is pitching a mind-uploading service that is “100 percent fatal”


Nectome will preserve your brain, but you have to be euthanized first.
Emby vs. Plex

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I just tried Emby Server for a week on my media collection, seeing if it could possibly replace Plex Media Server.
It sounded enticing because it was supposed to be open source; however:

-it overloaded my CPU often
-videos were not loading most of the time I opened it on a browser
-just removed it and my computer is now very quiet (was loudly churning away for hours on end)
-Emby has a "Lifetime" subscription to their Premiere Service...which turns out is not actually lifetime but rather for 2 years.

No deal Emby!



media server for personal streaming videos tv music photos in mobile app or browser for all devices android iOS windows phone appletv androidtv smarttv and dlna
@Adam Robertson actually, I don't know. I have a hard time checking it now, since I don't have an HDMI monitor to access it...
Hope this is what you're looking for...

XBMC/Kodi Web Interface: Chorus Installation and Configuration

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Welcome to Brave New World.

After several years of being a JoCoCruise SeaMonkey, I'm shocked that I somehow missed that there is a Mozilla SeaMonkey project.
It's a bit of a lost child. Open source people tend to turn up their nose at it because it has a legacy of hooks to proprietary services from its humble beginnings as AOL's continuation of the Netscape Communicator Suite. You can get a clean build but a lot of open source purists don't trust it.
Photoshop CS

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Digging through my CD collection today I found a disk for Adobe Photoshop CS. I installed it on my Ubuntu Desktop (using WINE) and was surprised at how well it runs.

I have been trying to train myself to use GIMP, but no matter how much I practice, GIMP is still cumbersome with some things, especially when dealing with text on images. Also, Photoshop has non-destructive Adjustment Layers.

In college I took 4 different Photoshop courses, so it is all coming back to me as I play around, although it has been several years.

Anyone else using an older Photoshop in linux?

Many years ago I was a Lightroom user, but when I finally got fed up with Apple and went full Linux I switched to Darktable.  I can't speak to their current parity, but I love it.  It fits my workflow well, and while I don't take the camera out nearly as often as I used to, I typically have several hundred photos to go through when I do.
Darktable, Lightroom, Aftershot and DigiKam are more of a photo-management with some editing, while Photoshop and Gimp and Pixeluvo are designed for intense editing and design.

Of course, you all probably know that already but I wanted to point out the difference.

I often need an editor for re-doing photos that are going on someone's website. I do not take tons of photos of my own so I just use the default photo manager that comes with Ubuntu...I think it is Shotwell...very basic.
Yes, sorry @Adam Robertson we've hijacked the topic ;)
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@Hubzilla Support Forum+

Is it possible to set Hubzilla to use SMTP to send its mail rather than phpmail?
Poor mike ;) He gives awesome support though.
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That would be good to keep that somewhere. In the documentation