Github Contributor wants extra tools folder

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This sounds like a Dear Abbey Letter, but I need some advice from other developers:
a project I am contributing to on Github has another contributor I am working with. He keeps adding a folder named "utils" to the repository, which has some .bat scripts (for Windows) and some js scripts that he uses.

I find them completely unecessary since I work on a Linux machine. I have been asking him to remove the folder and make a seperate repository for his tools, but he is beating around the bush about it.

Am I being too persnickety? Or is he corrupting and otherwise clean repository with cruft?  We are hoping to soon have other people contributing to the project, so in his mind his utilities will be useful. In my mind they are clutter and are specific to his workflow.

Any thoughts?

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I think you should reconsider and allow it. utils might be in need of a subdirectory for his stuff, like utils/adam. However, if it is generates stuff, then only the scripts to generate stuff with, not the results.
Be thankful for any help you can get. As the project grows you'll find everybody has opinions about stuff like this, and you'll probably have wars over spaces vs. tabs and licenses and free javascript and a number of other things. Pick your battles carefully as each such decision will likely involve somebody leaving in a huff or forking and you simply can't make everybody happy or find middle ground. If there are expected to be a lot of utilities, you might win by creating a project utilities repository to maintain your core focus, but while the project is small a util/contrib directory is probably the most suitable place.