Fires and an unexpected shift

 Copperopolis, California,  
Many of you have probably heard about the many fires we have been having in California.  Apparently, our power company (Pacific Electric and Gas) has been at fault for the majority of the fires, and may have to file for bankruptcy.
This has the potential to cause all of our monthly power fees to sky-rocket, since PGE will have to pass their losses on to the consumer.

It sounds like this is a good time to switch to Solar Power...or to be in the Solar Power Business.!
Zachary Struyk, the city's spokesman for the program, said San Jose is able to provide electricity at a lower cost because SJCE is a nonprofit, meaning all profits are reinvested into the program.

He added that senior executives for the city are paid less than those at PG&E, and the renewable options are now the most inexpensive on the market.

San Jose to Switch Residents to Locally Owned Electricity Provider
San Jose will switch its residents to a city-owned electricity provider by March 2019 in a push toward 100 percent renewable energy over the next decade. Residents will begin receiving postcards announcing the switch to San Jose Clean Energy (SJCE) later this month with an option to opt out back to regular PG&E service. SJCE will become the city's ...
Honestly, in my neck of the woods we have two hydroelectric dams and a huge field of solar panels. I feel like between those we would be able to provide quite a  bit of power for our small community