I just found out that Jeff Sessions "resigned". That's better than any election news! Which is not to say that I don't think Supreme Leader Trump can dredge up someone even worse.
Pence and... well, I try to ignore the current administration, so I don't really know who else is in it.

I did think of an interesting strategy. If the Supreme Leader wants to get rid of an opponent in Congress, he can nominate them for a cabinet position. They resign to take the position and are soon unemployed.
Agreed!!! Sessions was a perfect example of outdated thinking put into a position of power. I wonder sometimes how much longer before all of these old white men gaurding their massive wealth will fade away
The flaw with that logic is that there is an endless supply of old white men guarding their massive wealth, as somebody from a younger generation surpasses the wealth of their forebears and then grows old...