Goodbye Net Neutrality; Hello Competition | Jeffrey A. Tucker

In the short term, the shift by the FCC does not mean the immediate emergence of a free marketplace for Internet service. But it is a step. If we let this experiment in liberalization run a few years, we will see massive new entrants into the sector. As with every good or service provided by market forces, consumers will gain the benefit of innovation and falling prices.
Do you see the end of Net Neutrality as beneficial?  I am having a difficult time thinking it will be good for anyone but ISP's
On a personal level, in the short term, I can't point to anything that has changed for me since the current regulations went into effect, so I don't expect a change if it goes away. In the long term, I just don't know. There is so much hype and hyperbole flying around from both sides that I don't expect it to look like either side predicts. When it comes to things that I worry about for the next 5 years, this doesn't make the list.
As I thought more about it, I decided that it doesn't even make it into my top 3 concerns about the internet. I'm not sure it would be in the top 3 even if I weren't so ambivalent about it.