What Data Does Windows 10 Send to Microsoft?

Your Windows 10 installation is probably sending quite a bit of information to Microsoft. Just what sorts of things are being sent, and could they be used to identify you or your activities?
Back in the day we used to move images around with dd, but you had to be aware of and transfer data in exact multiples of the block size. I figured by using startup disk creator I wouldn't have to try and find any documentation about the blocksize of my Chinese USB stick. And after having Microsoft thwart several of my earlier efforts I also didn't want to do it over yet again. So yes you can use dd, but if you've got a device with an unusual blocksize (something besides an exact multiple of 512) you're going to have to know what that is.
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but you had to be aware of and transfer data in exact multiples of the block size.
Indeed, the blocksize can make troubles. After using "dd" to create the last bootable USB I tried to re-format it again and run into errors caused by different block sizes. I think It was something like "the partation table says blocksize XY but the real physical block size is YZ".

I will remember and try "your" startup disk creator the next time. Thanks for the hint.
At my kid's school , I help maintian all of the office computers and network. They have painfully slow internet because of the remote location.

I can always tell when one of the Windows 10 computers is doing its thing (uploading data) because no one else can access the internet. At first I thought it was a network issue but my router tells me exactly who is the culprit.  Windows 10 Desktop every time.

I think I have them convinced to downgrade to Windows 7 pro,