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I am totally not into the 'info wars' stuff, but a friend of mine pointed out this video of firemen talking about the paradise fires. It seems that metal was burning, like cars melting. Temperatures like 3000 degrees. But plastics and wood were not. One explanation is some sort of micowave type weapon. That only targetted metal objects. Ok it sounds nutty i know but if you check out the photos from legit news media, the buildings and cars are levelled but trees all around are not touched.

Theres plenty of photos like this.

Anyone know of a reason the buildings would burn but the trees are still green?

@Waitman Gobble
woiden fences next to them untouched.

It is very strange. With any kind of fire, dry wood fences would catch fire. Unless they were painted with special high-tech paint that prevents burning.
@Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum) Even fresh needles burn well at high temperatures (because there is no sap, as in a maple, but resin). Especially if there is wind.
Fresh foliage (hardwoods) does not burn well and creates smoke.

Как горит хвоя?
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Thank you, Ivan! Very interesting! :-)